About Parkland Flower

Parkland Flower is a licensed producer of cannabis in Canada that aims to push the industry forward. We were founded in Parkland County, Alberta in November 2018, just after cannabis legalization in Canada. By October 2019 we built our facility, and we officially got our license in August 2020. We were the ninth licensed producer of Alberta Cannabis and our goal is to give home, medical, and commercial growers stable genetics (through seeds and clones) while providing high-end flower for recreational Alberta cannabis shoppers.

With Parkland Flower you get affordable strains that yield dense, round buds. Our cannabis is easy to grow and works great for both new growers and seasoned professionals. Whether you need pre-rolled joints, or you want to buy cannabis seeds to grow your own, choose Parkland Flower.

We operate with a “Grow with us!” philosophy and offer support for customers throughout their growing journeys, long after they’ve purchased seeds from us. We want to empower you with as much knowledge as we can, so your germination rate is as high as possible with stable and consistent quality for a long time. But if you ever have any questions or need some help (or tire of growing your own and simply want some bud) you can depend on Parkland Flower!

At Parkland Flower we’re creating world class genetics that can be grown anywhere, by anyone. So, come along for the ride and #GrowWithUs!