At Parkland Flower, our goal is to bring world-class Alberta cannabis to the legal market. Our cultivars are easy to grow, great for both new growers or professionals, and they yield dense, round buds.

We have two cultivars of flower and seven cultivars of seeds available in Alberta, which means we offer all kinds of different highs and tastes. Parkland Flower's quality Alberta cannabis can deliver complete relaxation, an uplifting and happy high, a creative and euphoric high, or something to make you feel silly for hours. Our cultivars offer pungent odors with earthy aromas, tropical flavours with fruity accents, pungent thick smoke, and more.

Parkland Flower wants our product to be accessible to everyone. Need some educational support? Ask us anything!

Cindy in Vegas Photoperiod Regular

Wedding Cake x Cinderella 99 Flowering time: 10 weeks THC Range: 17-22% Growing Conditions: Indoor or Greenhouse Plant Structure: Medium to tall height, numerous lateral branching Uplifting, happy, get your housework done! This sour, yet floral cross with hints of honeydew melon will exhale with a gassy finish. Likes a drier climate so don’t overwater. Bred in house by Parkland Flower.

Blueberry Autoflower Feminized

BC Blueberry x unknown auto Flowering Time: 75-85 days germination to harvest THC Range: 17-20% Growing Conditions: Indoor or Greenhouse Produces a sweet blueberry and fruity terpenes flavour and will leave you feeling sedative, happy, and chill. Bred by Next Generation Seed Co, selfed by Parkland Flower.

Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake with a pheno of Blueberry bred into it.   Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks THC Range: 16-20% Growing Conditions: Indoor or outdoor  Plant Structure: Prefers dry conditions, don’t over water indoors   Has sour flavours with hints of pine and a sweet finish. Gives off sedative, relaxing, cerebral effects.  

Green Crack

Green Crack  Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks THC Range: 17-20% Growing Conditions: Indoor or outdoor Plant structure: Ping pong ball buds and pop can size terminal cola Has a tangy, fruity flavour and produces relaxed, happy effects without any of the tiredness. Bred in house by Parkland Flower. 

Blue Cherry Pie

Linage Blue Gelato 41 (Barney’s Farms) X Cherry Pie (California Breeder Cut) Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks THC Range: 18-23% Growing Conditions: Indoor or Outdoor with light deprivation Plant Structure: Low Foliage (easy for trimming) Uplifting, cerebral, daytime ish effects. Produces fruity gas, hints of berry, and garlic aromas. Bred in house by Parkland Flower.

Thailand Wedding

Indica Dominant Wedding Cake (Private Breeder) X Green Thai (Private Breeder) Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks THC Range: 17-20% Growing Conditions: Indoor and Outdoor Plant Structure: Bushy and large cola’s Produces floral, lemongrass cotton candy sweetness, and tropical flavors. Has mellow, chill, and happy effects. Bred in house by Parkland Flower.


Lineage Gelato 33 x Zkittles   THC / CBD Range: THC - 23.7 / CBD - 0.2% Growing Conditions: Craft grown in living soil, small lots, whole plant hang dried, and hand trimmed. Plant structure: Frosted, smaller with tight nugs, dark green to purple and blueish hues.   Relaxing, calming, slightly euphoric, both head and body high. Smooth, pungent, sweet, slightly fruity, tropical citrus, heavy notes of diesel and fuel.