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Our cannabis flower strains can deliver either an uplifting and pleasant high or a chill physical sensation for deep relaxation. If you’re looking for Alberta Cannabis with tropical flavours, fruity accents, pungent odors, or earthy aromas, you’ve found it with Parkland Flower.

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Lineage Gelato 33 x Zkittles


  • THC / CBD Range: THC - 23.7 / CBD - 0.2%
  • Growing Conditions: Craft grown in living soil, small lots, whole plant hang dried, and hand trimmed.
  • Plant structure: Frosted, smaller with tight nugs, dark green to purple and blueish hues.


Relaxing, calming, slightly euphoric, both head and body high. Smooth, pungent, sweet, slightly fruity, tropical citrus, heavy notes of diesel and fuel.


Buy Alberta cannabis seeds online

Indica Dominant Wedding Cake (Private Breeder) X Green Thai (Private Breeder)

  • Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks
  • THC Range: 17-20%
  • Growing Conditions: Indoor and Outdoor
  • Plant Structure: Bushy and large cola’s

Produces floral, lemongrass cotton candy sweetness, and tropical flavors. Has mellow, chill, and happy effects. Bred in house by Parkland Flower.

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    Linage Blue Gelato 41 (Barney’s Farms) X Cherry Pie (California Breeder Cut)

    • Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks
    • THC Range: 18-23%
    • Growing Conditions: Indoor or Outdoor with light deprivation
    • Plant Structure: Low Foliage (easy for trimming)

    Uplifting, cerebral, daytime ish effects. Produces fruity gas, hints of berry, and garlic aromas. Bred in house by Parkland Flower.

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      Violator Kush is a high-quality strain from the famed region of India where Malana Cream hashish finds its origin. This particular pheno is a rare balanced cultivar; coming in at 8-12%+ CBD and 7-10%+ THC. For those who prefer the “body high” of an indica, Violator Kush delivers a very pleasing physical sensation of complete relaxation. With only 20% sativa genetics, this is definitely an indica-dominant variety. The strain has a pungent odor with strong earthy aromas and a musky taste.

      Violator Kush is a small plant and rarely grows over 90cm in height. Violator Kush is best suited to mild climates. Indoors, Violator Kush should respond well to both soil and hydroponics. Flowering time is 8–9 weeks, yielding roughly 650g/m² indoors.

      • THC: 7-11%
      • CBD: 10-14%
      • Terpenes: 000