Breaking the Grass Ceiling

The WWC Conference brings together womxn in cannabis and psychedelics from around the world for 2 days of learning and collaboration.

It’s a virtual conference during which you can hear from industry-leading experts discussing hot button topics like womxn in leadership, science and research, mental health, equality, launching products and marketing opportunities.

Our own Kieley Beaudry, co-founder of Parkland Flower, hosted the Cultivation Panel at the 2020 conference (along with Ashley Athill, Siobhan Darwish, Jen Meyers, and Laura Curry Clooney).

Which you can watch below! Due to age-range restrictions, you need to click on "watch on YouTube" to view the video.

Topics covered included:

  • Finding specific cultivars that are going to help with womxn’s health and sexual health
  • Common misconceptions about cannabis (cultivation + legalization)
  • Cultivating a community
  • Transitioning from the legacy market and the challenges that legalization has introduced
  • Dealing with the challenges around analytical testing
  • How small-scale cultivators differentiate themselves in the market
  • How the “art” of cultivation has changed since legalization
  • And much, more more

The WWC provides an opportunity for networking, collaboration and learning in a fun engaging online environment. Most importantly, all are welcome. We are here to celebrate and learn from innovative womxn in the cannabis and psychedelics space!

To learn more about the WWC and to watch all the new recordings from the 2021 conference, visit