Parkland Flower Podcasts

As one of the first micro cultivation facilities for cannabis in Canada, we’re more than just a cannabis company. Education is a huge part of what we do, so we’re always happy to speak about our process, how we got started, what goes into responsible and honest plant production, and how we can use our experience to help others along the way.

Over the past year we’re been fortunate enough to appear on several great podcasts, so we just wanted to share a few of those with you if you’re interested in learning more about us!

The Cannabis 101 Podcast

Our co-founder, Kieley Beaudry, appeared on the Cannabis 101 Podcast last September to talk about what micro is and what the process was like to get our facility up and running.

They discussed the fun of growing and what Kieley’s favourite part of the process is (which might come as a surprise!), as well as what's next in cannabis and how Canada is becoming a model for every country looking at legalization.

Listen to the podcast here.

Insiders Podcast

If you're an entrepreneur, this interview's for you!  

There are many ways to try to make a living in the cannabis space but it's not always just about money. Kieley joined the podcast to talk about what it takes to start a viable business in such a complicated environment.  

This one turned into a fun little chit chat in the end, so there's a little bit of something for everyone. Enjoy!

Listen to the podcast here.

Insiders Podcast #2

This one’s quite different.

Kieley flew to Spain for Spannabis & ICBC, knowing that it might be a bad decision given that the world was in the very early stages of COVID. When she left, nothing was canceled. When she arrived in Spain, everything had changed. 

Kiely tells her story of being stuck in a foreign country & trying to get home.

Listen to the podcast here.